Prague Hostels

Hostel Altair

During your vacation, you’d like to choose the best hostel where you can unwind and enjoy your free time to the fullest. More Info

Hostel Orange

Hostel Orange was ideally a historical site renovated to give an exciting dimension to a historically gifted city hub. Hostel Orange

Hostel Marianeum

The main reason as to why you should stay in a hostel is to be able to get as comfortable as while you are at home.

Hostel Santini

The hostel provides free Wi-Fi access for all guests and free breakfast. Book Now

Ahoy Hostel

Just being on vacation means, you want to have fun, some of the closest landmarks under a kilometre away to visit are; Bethlehem Chapel, Laterna Magica, Karlovy Lazne and to experience natural beauty get to the near River Vltava. Continue