Were you about to find a quiet and well cared-for room for a reasonable price, then it's definitelly a good offer for you. The room isn't expensive at all, I'd say even that it's quite cheap. If you happen to be hungry, there are some vending machines in the main hall, next to the reception. Of course it's maybe not the best hotels I've seen in my life, but considering its location close to the centre of Prague and to the Chodov metro station, as well as Chodov Shopping Centre its definitelly worth considering staying in it.
The main advantage you gain from staying in that place is its very convenient location - one bus stop from the Chodov Shopping Center. That shopping center is connected with the metro station, so after having a trip to the city, you can go to Chodov and do some shopping. The buses heading towards Chodov pass next to Volha very often and so does the metro going to the city.
As for the rooms, in every room there are two bedrooms with two beds in each room., there is one kitchen, one toilet and one bathroom. Both rooms have separate keys to the locks, as well as both rooms have their own TV (as far as I remember).
Oh, the vending machine selling sandwiches is just great! I've been already three times to Prague - once with my father a few years ago, once with my friend and once with my present fiancee (Prague is where I proposed - I simply love that city). Volha is a place which I've always chosen to stay in, as the ratio of price and quality seems to be the best there.

November 7, 2016

During our stay, some big groups of students (on school trip or something) were also there and they were very noisy until night. But except for that, everything was fine.

Value for money, and good location. It is easily accessible to the Prague city centre by public transport. There are enough parking places.

June 13, 2016

The only thing that was bad - Staff DO NOT speak English at all. It was very hard to settle the things in the Czech but I have managed at the end.

Everything was great. Cleanliness was good, Comfort in the room also. We were alone in room and had shared bathroom, but that was not bad at all. Great value for money. Travel time to the city center, in my case till Museum metro station was 30 minutes.

January 8, 2016

The wifi doesn't work in the rooms but once you get down to the reception area, you can connect to it, not really an issue but sometimes you would just love to lay in bed and browse...

Staff on duty was friendly and spoke English so I had no problems settling in. The rooms are very spacious and clean.

August 8, 2015